Criticism for a better growth.

Criticism for a growth development is quite healthy. It helps you look on both the sides, positive and negative. It helps you recognise the negative aspects and how wrongly things are being conducted with their output results displayed. It is often considered as anti national if criticised regarding the development. People usually never look from their other point of view, they usually get stuck with their view. Today’s 21st century everyone should be having a broader view unlike 19th century which focuses on looking up things where you actually lack.

It’s very important to criticise and stay with course of time.



Definition of a Rape:- Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent.

 I am sick and tired of the same incidents happening again and again all over the world each and every day at some point in earth and people are still struggling with the answers. Policemen, politicians, parents, teachers etc. Are people uneducated or trying to act dumb, I don’t get that. The definition is right written above or you can Google it and find a better definition with the same meaning. After every rape incidents everyone acts in a same thinking style or in the way and girls or women or innocent children are being blamed for getting raped. I don’t understand where does this mentality come from, the victim being blamed for intimidating the crime. The word ‘Rape’ itself describes the whole thing. ‘A girl or a woman who is single or maybe in a relationship can wear whatever she wants, can go wherever she wants, can drink as much as she can, she can spend her whole night in the pub drinking and dancing with whoever she wants, She can walk naked or enter a pub naked but who the fuck are you to judge her or have any problem. ‘  She can walk naked at midnight 3am on the streets, who are you to stare at her or who gives you the fucking permission to touch her or even try thinking to rape her. She has the right to do what she wants and if you have any problem with that you better stay at home with your doors locked. Before judging the character of a girl, judge yourself what kind of human being you are.

Who is the one to be blamed in a Rape case? 

Straight and simple answer: The monster who rapes a girl, a boy, a man, a pervert (to be polite). How hard is this question to be answered. I don’t even consider these people under human beings. There is not a single excuse or if’s and but’s or the type of dress she was wearing, it’s a straight answer the one who rapes is a criminal and should be prosecuted as soon as possible. People who still thinks girls are also the part of rape incidents, my special advice: You need to see a doctor as fast as possible because you are not mentally stable. I don’t care what religion teaches you or your cast or your culture or your parents or your school teachers, the real criminal is the one who rapes and he is the one who is 100% responsible for his actions.

Respect a woman, girl and even a small cute little girl, treat them like human beings not like a criminal. Become a quality man so that one day your daughter can take the pride of calling you as her dad.

#stoprape #educatetheboys

Being Smalltowner.

Coming to one of the major and big cities of the world from a very small town can be really tough. I have seen in my college days which was in one of the so called metro cities in Iñdia where people who came from metro cities were treated differently and people who came from small towns were treated differently. I pretty much liked the crowd of the people who came from small towns with their determined goals. It’s not so common these days people coming from small towns having a broad-minded behaviour towards the new change. Their thoughts aren’t judgemental, they talk with proper facts and actually have an intellectual behaviour. They just don’t nod their heads with the crowd, they have their own way may not be a different but a quite amazing one, I can assure you that. Technology has been advancing but not human minds unfortunately. It’s really sad to hear from Big towner’s whose thoughts are still the same of 19th century about women, sex, rape, virginity, relationships, culture etc. Coming from a big city doesn’t guarantee you with great minds. Great minds come with wise human behaviour.

I often wonder where did these people learnt this kind of gentleman behaviour or the thoughts they share, their thoughts have always amazed me and eventually brought respect for them, the way they think its remarkable. They never expect any kind of appreciation for their thoughts instead expect everyone to have a broad-minded behaviour. I may not have confronted them face to face but have always respected and admired them. 


Learning from your Drawbacks.

The more early you start realizing your mistakes, you start learning.

Anyone who commits a mistake always seeks to know at what point he went wrong, which step went wrong and that’s absolutely good because that’s the first step for learning. Looking back where I went wrong is a firstmost step. Its easy to blame the circumstances, the time and find an excuse why things didn’t went the way it should have been. It takes courage to look back in your past and willingly to learn. A person willingly to learn from his mistakes looks out at time when did he started stepping out of track and how things started being nasty. Sometimes you get the feeling maybe you were not wrong it was just that it was meant to be go wrong but instead of believing in those stupid superstition you start analysing in a smart way. Once you get to know your mistake after days of thinking about the same topic, you get to a point how could you commit such a mistake and its okay afterall we all are humans. Learning is more important than committing a mistake.

It takes a real man to accept his mistakes, analyse how he was wrong and learn from his earlier mistakes.


One Life, One Time.

Are we taking the right path in our life? 

The question is not that easy, the way it sounds. This actually asks you whether you are travelling towards your goals which will give you life time happiness or are you chasing the short term goals. 

People are blindly going through the old books and leading a frustated life. They like something else but their actions are totally different. If you have completed your 18yrs in this planet, its high time to think what you want to do and what makes you actually happy. The definition of success is different for different people but finding the right track for themselves is very important. Sometimes the path will be very less crowded. Earning money shouldn’t be one’s target, living the life how they wanted to live should be the actual thing.  People highly choose those path which are highly crowded and even reaching at a very good position they never feel happy because they never feel satisfied. Its takes a lot of courage to choose your own path, decide what you want to become and how you want to live your rest of the life. If one is not satisfied with their work and life, one will never stay happy will end up getting frustrated.

I know its not easy to find out what you love and what you want to do for the rest of your life in one single day, it will take years. My advice: Ask your heart what or which things actually makes you feel happy and the rest will be answered by your brain.

The one who plays a guitar and sing songs in a restaurant is earning money as well as person who is going office in morning and comes back home at night is also earning money. But you know who is living the happy life. There is only one life, you are gonna live it only once.


Other than Engineering things. 

Other than engineering, career options are not only aligned to engineering and medical. There are ‘n’ no. Of career options, there are courses regarding psychology and masters in Dancing.  Business analyst is one of the quite upgrowing, successful and interesting courses one can study. Despite people knowing the streams which have been occupied with the maximum population. People go for the core branches and expecting the most and best jobs, yes there are but the number of quality jobs is quite less and for that you gotta be the best at your particular branch. Almost 1.5 million engineers graduate every year but still 60% are unemployed looking at the statistics of 2017. Yet knowing this statistical facts but people are still pursuing without looking at the figures. 

This blog is not regarding the de-merits of engineering but people pursuing what they actually want to pursue as their career option. In India people actually want the real content, the real content and documentation instead of the inspiration videos. 

Loneliness- Big disease to mankind.

Loneliness being one of the big disease but doesn’t count under any human problem. 7.6 billion human population on earth and still counting, out of which a large sum of population is still fighting against loneliness. The fast growing technological world is more concerned about technology and money rather than their people around them. People can go to doctors for any kind of operations or health problem but loneliness has never been considered under medical terms. People can actually go to psychiatric and talk about their loneliness and can make their doctor a good friend, instead people are more worried to be called mentally sick by the society. Loneliness is a big disease and should be taken seriously because it has led to suicides mostly in the teenager group and some population of working class. 

One might feel awkward calling their friend at mid-night and sharing his/her life story but you need atleast one person to tell each and everything about yourself. 

I maybe a total stranger to you but you are more than welcome to tell your part of your life, I am no one to judge you, instead it becomes easier to confess things to a stranger and get a good piece of advice. 


One is greater than zero.

This blog is especially for youtubers who have started making their own videos about which they are passionate off or maybe advertising. Youtube is a great platform to use it in an useful purpose but mostly people do end up after few days or few weeks and stop making their videos. 

I wanna tell you, if you are one among those people who has just started making videos and not getting the expected output, so this post goes for you. For getting the start you have to be in track for months, years then you can start expecting some results. Every view on your video matters, every single view should matter to you, this is the way its grows up. Nothing comes in an overnight journey. It takes a lot of  hardwork, passion, dedication and patience to grow up to that level which you expect at the starting time. No youtuber got lucky or got famous in an overnight journey, there is a lot of hardwork and patience behind that. No business gets set up within weeks, it takes years of practice to reach upto that level. Even if your video hits only a single view, work hard and be dedicated for the second one and if the view is more than one then it’s a real progress. Keep continuing the work passionately not for days or weeks, try it out year after year then you get to realise the real progress. Your every viewer of your video should matter to you, not the negative comments in the comment section.

Do remember- If you are following your passion, you have to be 💯% dedicated to make things work out.


Cutting off people

‘Removing toxic waste from life!!’

There are times in life when you really feel like losing some people in life because it will be more comfortable for you. Cutting off people for one person is not that easy too, there are mixed emotions running out through out your mind. Before cutting off a person from life one always think not twice but ten times -Is it that necessary to lose him?
Somehow one must learn to leave people not just because of their mistakes but because of their true character. Especially some people don’t deserve to stay in your life because they were a waste of time then and even now. You really want a reality check of how good your accompany is, when you go through your worst time just remember how many people helped and how many people so called ‘friends’ left you.

Its just a matter of time when people will start showing their true colours. Some people even just act to stay in touch with you and if they fail they have an excuse ready. Sometimes people are better when they wear a mask!

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