Trademark Scholes

One of the fantastic and fabulous player in the history of football is ‘Paul Scholes’

Paul Scholes had started his career in 1991 from a youth club in Manchester United at the age of 14 and made his debut in Manchester United senior club in 1993. I have seen very less players in the history of football where people have started their career with one club and ended in that same club. Paul Scholes was one of the greatest asset to Manchester United and to England squad team. He is one of the greatest midfielder of his generation and it’s always peaceful to see him playing football.

Never came up for limelight, shy and quiet off the pitch but always genius when inside the pitch, no commercial agendas, no tweeting just give him a ball and look at the magic which he does with the ball, one of the legendary players in the football history Simply Scholes.

The above picture was taken from his last match in Manchester United which was an end to a legendary career for Scholes. The first goal was scored by himself and people stood clapping after watching his game. Whenever the club needed Scholes he was always there to score a goal and to take the team ahead. The young players on the pitch and off the pitch always looked up to him as an example. I had never seen such a player who is so quiet, decent, less celebration after scoring a goal, focuses only on scoring goals and winning matches. He was offered many offers from InterMilan and many other clubs but he never took it as he always wanted to play for Manchester United because it was not only a club for him but more than that. The legendary career ended up on 19th May 2013 after that we couldn’t see anymore Schole’s magic.

When it’s your Birthday.



It’s always a special day when it’s your birthday and you get to celebrate it only once in a year. Your birthday is not only a happening day for you but also for your family who finds this birthday as their special day.

The best part of your birthday is, you don’t have to do anything your family, your friend’s, people in your neighbourhood visits you and celebrates your birthday making your day quite a special one. The only reason I am writing this blog today is it’s one of my closest friend’s birthday who I have known since childhood because I have learned a lot from my closest friend. It’s actually a great feeling that you can still celebrate birthday with whom you have grown up since childhood.  I strongly believe in good wishes of people because it somehow helps one to grow and on your birthday you get all the best wishes from your loved ones. When it’s your loved ones birthday you prioritize everything for them starting from when you should wish and how exactly you should celebrate the birthday just to make someone you love their day special and memorable.

During our childhood our parents used to invite people who stays in your neighbourhood, our friends so that people can come, spend their time with the birthday boy or girl and exchanging gifts to make the birthday boy or the girl happy. The best part of birthday is you receive calls from your friends who stays in a different continent or from different country and also from people who didn’t speak to you for a long time due to  small differences, everything gets sorted out because nobody fights with you on your birthday. That’s a good day to start again a good continued journey with that person. Birthday is not just a special day, it’s your special day.

You become one year older and then you get to realize you have started growing up or started reaching your retirement age depending upon your current age. We are more than happy and die out in laughter when we used to blow candles and sing the ‘Happy Birthday Song’ as we used to do in childhood. Those childhood birthday memories are still the best one.




Its all about Patience.

People have always said good things doesn’t comes so easily, you have to give it time and efforts.

Well it’s good to be patient, it always has a better side which in turn is so beneficial in long run. After all if you look at a bigger picture there is no harm in that. I know it might look slow or slow reactor but it’s ok. Everything in life doesn’t comes up so fast.

If you look in sports, footballers look at the goal posts twice before hitting the ball in the net. Athletes practice for longer time to run even a hundred metre race. If you look in corporate life, people study for months to crack for a good job. These things are tried and tested and have better learnings.

Your mind stays calm and you can focus better when you are patient. Even if you are hitting on a girl it takes time, hardwork and patience to fall for her. She first looks at you, knows you and then falls for you. Everything in life take a bit time.

It’s okay to lose battles and win a war. 😁

After All We are all humans.


Mistakes are committed only by human beings and it’s okay to commit mistakes. It doesn’t depend upon the age group, well to be honest even a eighty year old person commits a mistake and that’s perfectly fine.

In the recent events, if you check on social celebrities who have committed mistake it was highlighted globally. People need to understand that even social celebrities who are using Internet and Television for their profession are human beings at the end of the day and can commit mistakes just like a normal person who goes to work or a guy studying in school. Mistakes should not affect one’s career or future of a person as it will become difficult for a person to live his life ahead. One mistake leads to judgement to one’s character and that is absolutely stupid, Judging a person from one mistake is absolutely not justified. The pressure from society have been quite a lot in maintaining a proper image and also hiding your mistakes. The pressure from society is built by us because we are society. Every person has his/her story so it is absolutely wrong to judge the entire story of his life from one mistake.

The biggest problem of societal pressure is it has lead to depression or loneliness and mostly the fear of people how exactly people would react when they get to know the mistake. If at that point of time one is not ready to share things with the closed ones, it is absolutely normal to see a psychiatrist and it might sound little stupid but it’s absolutely fine. After all we are in 2020, if we don’t change our mindset how can we expect our next generations to have a better mindset from the current generation and the generation of 2020 is quite good, it’s just that we need little more space to absorb these things to make it little better. After all we are all human beings and nobody is born perfect and it’s absolutely normal to commit mistakes 🙂

People still love you for who you are 😀


Music – Gift to mankind.


Music is one of the most beautiful thing human beings have ever came across. It’s a smoothing sound which pleases your ears and as well as helps your mind to enjoy it. Music is loved by all types of age groups staring from new born baby to old aged person. Music have been a great influential thing for quite a few generations.

It’s a gift to a person who can sing, not everyone can sing. Every voice can be heard but cannot be enjoyed. People have started earning money because of music. Music have evolved slowly in generations, Instruments have got upgraded. The industry for music have grown up years after years, different types of music have evolved which helped musicians to bring platform for music industry. The industry has evolved not only countrywide but also globally performing their talents in big concerts and big shows. People who haven’t received good platform in industry have used internet as their platform and have made their names, YouTube have been a significant platform in helping musicians building their career.

We have sad stories from music industry as well, we have seen musicians committing suicide due to depression. In most of the cases we have seen musicians singing their own story of their life in their lyrics. When a passionate musician gives away music from his/her life it’s a loss for music industry.

The real experience of music can be understood when one attends a concert or in a music studio.

All started with a dream.


Everyone has a dream starting from a three years old kid to twenty two year guy. This is actually great, everyone stays inspired in their life only because of their dream. A dream can be anything starting from becoming a scientist or having your own house in Los Angeles. Even a poor boy who almost has nothing in his pocket still has a dream to become something in life. Everyone has their own journey to reach their dreams but one thing is for sure is that the struggle is real. The only difference between a rich kid and a poor kid with their dreams is that poor kid has to start from level zero whereas a rich kid may start from level two which doesn’t brings a major difference because it’s all about dedication at the end.

According to the statistics if you look, most of the successful people were poor in their past, they had to struggle a lot to reach their dreams. One of the reasons behind that is poor kids are tough whereas rich kids are soft.

Dreams might change as you grow older, as a kid one always dreams to be an astronaut and when one grows older it might change depending on what makes one happy in their life. We all get hit by reality and this is when the dream gets modified.



Football – The Game with maximum number of followers.


Football is one of the beautiful sports one can ever play. The game has maximum number of followers in the entire planet. It’s a team game it not about a one man show but there are instances where one man show has also showed quite a memorable moments in the history of football.

Most people including me play football not for money, not for fame, not about wearing colorful boots, we play because we love the game. People have played football during 18th and 19th century where people used to earn less amount by playing football and used to work after that to keep food on their table.  During those players weren’t paid so much for playing football. The struggle days for small football clubs was quite high. Managers were not paid in millions.

FIFA World cup is still now one of the prestigious cups where people from different countries save money just to watch the world cup and support their country. When people follow any football club or football team, they find something in common within themselves and in the football. It might be the struggle, it might be a favorite footballer, it might be the history with their club matches their story, depends from person to person.

Football has shown that it doesn’t matter where do you belong from, which caste you are from, what family background you have, if you are passionate about the game and ready to give everything on the field you will be in the first sheet of the team. People with far off countries with less money have created their own legacy because of their talent with the ball. Football is one of the finest game which has taught a lot of things to people.


Back to Square One.


We are back to exactly where we started, this is not what I taught myself this is what I was taught by the people. It’s been a long time, years have passed that India became independent but even after so many decades our thoughts are still dependent and we don’t have a free mind to think, analyse or to find out whether something is right or wrong. I always used to consider my generation and the upcoming generations to be an inspiration. Our generation could have easily set an outstanding example for the next generations that whatever the society teaches us, it’s not correct each and every time, you have been gifted a brain and most importantly a heart to understand, analyse the things. It’s all in the mind how you groom yourself and share the same with your surroundings.

We as a country are divided in castes, creed, religion, states, political party etc. I feel more like a grading system. People don’t understand that we are in 2019 we are all above this, we don’t have to blindly follow the things which was being followed in 18th Century. It’s so sad to see people of my generation who have studied Science and proudly calls themselves a Science student and when it comes to reality, they are afraid to question the superstitions which is followed by the society, People are afraid if things turned out to be different even before experimenting. Superstitions and the laws of society have finally become mental weakness of people which grows deeply inside everyone and has created a certain boundary to be followed. This boundary has been created and defined by the society which has sometimes no logic but the reality is people are afraid to deny the fact.

Humanity and Mankind is a gift, people don’t understand the value of this gift. The world has been created by God and we people have created our own superstitious world and have compelled people to blindly follow that. It’s so heartbreaking to see grown up people delivering the speeches to use their brains and heart to follow the right thing and when it comes to them, they open the book of superstitious rules. It’s been ages now. We need Economic development but most importantly people need to develop their mind, that’s need to be the first priority.


Be the One who stands up.

Always be the one who stands up during the worst time. Be the one when people should have faith when things aren’t right you would be the one who stands like there a boss to make things right. It takes a lot of courage to play that one man show but at the end it’s worth it. People always say surround yourself with positive environment and with positive people, I always advice people to be that positive person which changes the environment around you. It’s easy to participate and stay in a positive environment but it’s difficult to create an impact on your neighbourhood environment.

It’s really amazing when you see your neighbourhood getting updated to a positive environment, you will see people becoming more confident and the best part they start believing in them. You might not understand what kind of role you might play but it would have created a lot of impact in a human’s well being. People gain the confidence that if all last things fail he will find a way to win it and that’s more like a superpower. It’s easy to dwell in life than to create a better impact in other’s life. This is one of the parts for defining Humanity.

The life was never about how 100 people dwell in their life, it’s always about how one man created an impact in hundred’s of lives.

#staystrongpeople 😎

Criticism for a better growth.

Criticism for a growth development is quite healthy. It helps you look on both the sides, positive and negative. It helps you recognise the negative aspects and how wrongly things are being conducted with their output results displayed. It is often considered as anti national if criticised regarding the development. People usually never look from their other point of view, they usually get stuck with their view. Today’s 21st century everyone should be having a broader view unlike 19th century which focuses on looking up things where you actually lack.

It’s very important to criticise and stay with course of time.

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